How To Create Time for Marketing (even though it feels impossible)

So you’re a business owner that doesn’t have much time on your hands for Marketing, right?

Often, not only do you have to be the Business Owner, but also the Managing Director, Finance Director, Customer Service Director, Sales Director, HR Director… and the list goes on.

So where do you fit in time to be the Marketing Director?

I shall not deny. It’s tough.

And therefore, it’s no wonder that TIME is in the top 3 answers to the question:

“What stops you succeeding in Marketing?”

So here’s my three steps to ensure you start to create some time for Marketing; and spend every second of that focused in the right places – and that’s making your business grow.

1. Where are you heading?

You’re on a journey. But what destination are you trying to reach?

How many customers? How much turnover? What are you selling? To who?

By knowing the answer to this, and having laser-like focus on achieving it, you can ensure that when it comes to Marketing, you avoid any activity that sways you from this destination, or sends you in a different direction.

It seems obvious, but I can safely say that at least 80% of businesses we discuss this with do not have a view of their destination when we first start working with them.

2. Stop telling yourself you don’t have time

You do. Honestly. If growing your business is important to you, then you will be able to find the time….

Whether it’s 10 minutes a day or one hour a week.

Any small amount of time can be used efficiently and effectively if you know where to focus your efforts, and what gets results.

If you continue to tell yourself that you don’t have time, you’ll start to ignore Marketing all together; and that would be a sad, sad situation, because Marketing scales businesses. Fact.

3. Plan out your time into some meaningful chunks

You will probably have a whole range of meaty Marketing jobs to do; so break them down into smaller, manageable chunks. It then will not feel so overwhelming, and will fit perfectly into smaller time windows.

Here’s some examples of one-hour jobs.

Need to re-write your website? Write a couple of pages to get you started. It’s better than nothing. Do another couple next week.

Need to keep on top of social media? Spend an hour writing a week’s worth of posts and schedule them on your chosen Social Media channel.

Want to communicate with your database of prospects? Spend your time thinking about what would be useful to them, and then email them, focusing on their needs.

Small incremental steps forward add up to big victories.

Don’t tackle the Marketing Beast all in one go; small bite size chunks is the way forward – even if that does mean 10 minutes a day or 1 hour a week.

It’s a marathon. Not a sprint. Pace and momentum are key.

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