How to add £5,000 to your Small Business NOW!


What could you do RIGHT NOW that would help you to increase your revenue?

Perhaps you want to take more money out of the business, invest in a new website, hire a new member of staff, go on a luxury holiday. Whatever the reason, the answer could be sitting below……

These are tried and tested strategies, so read on and if you would like to chat anything through, then book a free consultation with us here.

1. Redesign Your Small Business Proposition

As a business that has gone from 60% offline / 40% online, to a business is now 100% online (as of the last two years), I can categorically say that redesigning your proposition so that you can offer a “one-to-many” service creates the opportunity for you to scale your business, without being capped by time. We, at All Star Marketing Club, are certainly proof of that.

The opportunities are endless:

  • An online membership
  • An online training course
  • An online coaching programme

The list goes on.

This has resulted in huge growth for our small business, and at the same time, meant we can support even more customers than ever, because we are not limited by time. It’s even meant that by doing it, we are actually saving time, whilst also allowing us to live up to our vision or “making marketing training accessible and affordable for any busines owner, everywhere.”

So how could you put your expertise online, and add value in a one-to-many or in a “build it once and sell it over and over” style?

You can find out more on how to do that here.

How can this make you £5k pretty quickly?

Simple. Set a FUTURE GO LIVE date, but market it RIGHT NOW.

Ask for a deposit to reserve a place.

2. Get Launching

What is it that you could launch within your small business?

  • Do you have a service that you offer that hasn’t had the airtime it deserves?
  • Do you have some materials, templates, videos, brochures or other, that you could package up into one overall offering?
  • Do you have a new service or product that you could promote?
  • Do you have an event you could run, either on or offline?
  • Can you create a promotional offer for your current products or services?

You’ll need to work out who you are targeting, how your launch offering will help them, where you need to show up to get in front of them, and then of course share the right messaging to appeal to them.

So what can you launch?

How can this make you £5k quite quickly?

  • Set a financial goal for your launch.
  • Set a price.
  • Know how many individuals you need to sell to get to £5k.
  • Create your marketing and sales plan to achieve it.

Don’t know how?

Check out KickStart Your Marketing. – It’s our short course that’ll help you get this nailed.

3. Speak to Existing Customers

Your customers already love you, and they are spending money with you. As such they should be your advocates, and there are so many ways you can support them even further, and in the meantime, make additional revenue.


Do you have another product or service to cross-sell?

Who do they know that they could refer to you?

How can you get their testimonials and case studies to help entice future customers?

How can this make you £5k quite quickly?

What do your customers buy from you? If you could reach out to them right now, how could you support them and at the same time, create more cash.

Could you offer them one-to-one support?

Could you move ad-hoc purchasing into a monthly package or retainer?

Could you put together a “no brainer” add-on?

Could you provide some referral materials to they can easily recommend you?

4. Sales Calls

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

It’s the same with Marketing.

You can lead your prospect with Marketing, but it won’t necessarily make them buy.

That’s where Sales Calls come in.

Your marketing efforts really should be helping you to collect data of prospects so you can use your marketing activity to create a relationship (e.g. via email marketing).

When you can see that they are regularly engaging with you and your marketing campaigns, then it could be appropriate to reach out via the telephone.

Now, your job is not to go straight in with a sale (like a bad car salesperson), but to find out about them, and build the relationship, in order that you earn the right to offer them something suitable that will help to alleviate any problems, needs, concerns that they have.

You might not get a sale straight away, but you’re one step closer – and eventually, these sales calls WILL PAY OFF.

How can this make you £5k quite quickly?

Go back to those offers and launches we spoke about earlier – arrange calls with those that show an interest.

Reach out to your warm prospects, by telephone, and follow up on your time sensitive offer.

Who have you worked with before? Call them.

Who have you issued a quote to before? Get back in touch by telephone.

There are so many opportunities, and the telephone is your fast route to the money.

If you really focus on how it will help to achieve their goals, then you’ll soon clock up those extra pounds!

5. An Engaged Community

People buy from people that they know like and trust, so creating an engaged community that is relevant to your business, and what you sell, is really important.

Imagine you set up a Facebook Group that attracts all of your ideal customers. That is a good place to give them ongoing value and support, and when the time comes that they are ready to buy, it will be you that they buy from.

Here’s an example:

We have a Facebook Group called The Business Owners Lounge. (You are welcome to join).

It is for Business Owners, and there are often discussions on there like:

“Does anyone know someone who….”

“Does anyone have any advice on….”

They don’t always apply to our business, e.g. marketing, but they are our target audience; and we are offering the marketing angle to them within that group – whilt others may be able to help with HR, Finance and such like. However, we are the admins of that group.

So how you can you build an engaged community that will, eventually, be ready to buy?

This includes:

  • Facebook Groups
  • Clubhouse Room Members
  • Your Email Database
  • Networking Groups

    The list goes on.

How can this make you £5k quite quickly?

When you have established your community, why not create a ‘test’ offering that you can launch to that community, whereby they trial it first at a lower cost, before you launch it to the general public.

You get their feedback and testimonials, and they get your service, products or support at a lower cost.

It’s a win:win.

So, there you have it. 5 ideas to create an additional £5k in revenue for your Small Business.

Where will you start?

If you would like support in making this happen, why not book a complimentary 15 minute discussion with Victoria Vickery, Marketing and Business Growth Expert. CLICK HERE.

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