How much should you spend on your Marketing?

This is a real challenge for Small Business Owners. You know that Marketing is vital to bring in new customers but you’re not rich (not yet anyway!) and you may even feel overwhelmed by all the ‘Marketing’ options.

We get asked this all the time:

  • ‘How much should I pay for my website?’
  • ‘How much should I pay someone to do SEO for me?’
  • ‘How much should I pay someone to do some social media posts?’

It’s a tricky one, and there is an answer. But it isn’t delivered in pounds and pence.

Where you spend your Money is much more important.

Some experts say you should invest 10% of your revenue on marketing. Others say more, some say less.

Already that could feel like a lot of money, especially when you don’t know what results you will get.

Who you spend your money on is more important than the amount.

  • A £500 website that is written for your STAR customer, the ones you really want to get, that talks to their problems and offers the perfect solution, will be FAR more successful than a £5,000 website that talks to everyone.
  • 20 minutes a day spent creating your own social posts that add value to your customers and share your passion for what you do is far more important than paying a random company £100 a month to get something out…

Money is not the answer.

 It’s about the RIGHT marketing to the RIGHT people.

It’s about understanding WHY your STAR customers need you and how you can give them incredible value. Visit for additional marketing and SEO resources.

Once you get that right, THEN you can start to invest in making your marketing bigger and better but ONLY once you’ve got your marketing message and targeting spot on, otherwise you’re throwing your money away.

If you are unsure how to get really focused on the right customers for your business, how to talk to them and how to reel them in then check out our ½ day ‘Kick-Start your Marketing’ Workshops for 5 killer strategies to get this stuff right and right now!

Find out more here about our ‘Kick-start your Marketing’ workshops across Hampshire.

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