Glorious Glasses at Goodwood…

The All Star Team had a day out at the races. It was Ladies Day at Glorious Goodwood.

After arriving on in Chichester on the train, some ‘hurty shoe issues’ for Claire (and the purchase of a new pair) and a quick bite to eat, we headed off in a taxi to the racecourse.

Have you ever been? It’s a feast for the eyes, with all the ladies in their amazing outfits and flamboyant hats.

Anyway, we put our first bet on and headed into the bar to buy a drink…

Claire and Jade wanted a Gin and Tonic, and I was going to have a glass of white wine. They are all served in a clear plastic flimsy beaker.

I don’t know about you, but the vessel that I drink from is very important. Champagne from a champagne flute, Gin and Tonic in a Gin and Tonic Glass, Red Wine in a Fish Bowl….etc etc.

So as we were about to order, I said…

“Oh look… if we buy the rosé wine, we get those nice white wine glasses”.

To cut a long story short, after a brief conversation, we all agreed on getting a bottle of the rosé wine (despite the fact that actually, none of us normally drink rose), which came with the nice white (albeit still plastic) wine glasses, rather than the rubbish flimsy beakers.

We were delighted!
And even better… we got to keep said wine receptacles too!

Not so good that the wine wasn’t actually very nice!

But, this meant that for the rest of the day, we didn’t have to suffer the horrible cups.

So I’m wondering…. How many other people at Glorious Goodwood changed their buying choices simply because of the persuasion of the point of sale merchandise?

Well judging by the number of white wine glasses walking by us, I’d say a fair few.

That particular wine brand certainly helped the buyer buy…. swaying the decision, by giving something that no one else was giving, that had great perceived value.

So how do you stand out in comparison to others in your market?

If you’re unsure, it is well worth doing the research and finding where your value lies over your competitors, or where you could possibly add value.

If you know you offer unique value, do you actually tell your customers that?

This is an area where you can win them over, maybe, and cut through the noise of other providers.

Victoria ????

p.s. Our combined winnings are not even worthy of being part of this p.s.

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