Getting Good…. Expertise vs Mediocrity

What is the price we pay of not getting the right support and expertise?

Last weekend, we took the children cycling.

They are still not proficient, and we are working on it because we’ll all be going to the Big Bike Bash in August, with our big group of camping buddies, and they’ll be so disappointed if they can’t ride around with the other children when we’re there.

It’s very frustrating as a parent…. you know that if they listened to your instruction and took the action you told them, they would be so much further along, and REALLY enjoying their bikes.

But instead, my comments of:
“Look up…. Not down… Pedal… Pedal… Pedal… Pedal… LOOK UP!”….. are ignored!

So thinking about business…

We often struggle through challenges – whether it’s finances, marketing, mindset, people/staff – and even technology issues (anyone else’s printer keep breaking!?).

The truth is, when we settle on wading through the challenges ourselves, without expertise, we settle for mediocre.

What challenges do you have, where if you were to find the right expertise, you would excel even further?

You could do it yourself, but the path is longer, more time consuming, more expensive and there is so much room for error.

What magic could happen by getting the right support?

Victoria ????

p.s. If you have a Marketing challenge, then challenge me!

Drop me an email, and I’ll give you my expertise on how to approach it… or a strategy that you could use – free of charge.

[email protected]

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