[Friday Thought]

Either you use instructions or you don’t… but what’s the result?

**What we can learn from the great art of Lego Building?**

Every time I build it, the instructions are ALWAYS wrong!At least that’s how it feels. There’s always a random block that doesn’t fit quite where the instructions say it should. Not for me anyway; although every other parent I know seems to disagree.
The thing is, for me, Lego takes:

Patience: you have to be prepared to put the time in if you are going to get it right.

Preparation: it’s always a lot easier if you prepare the Lego into logical groupings before you start.

Accuracy: if you are building to the instructions, you can’t miss a single step, otherwise the whole structure will not work!

Learning: sometimes, this means learning from the mistakes you have made, and the necessity to put it right.

Support: It’s always a lot easier if you bring in someone who LOVES the job, or has the skills and desire to make it happen.

The same is true in a business sense.
In our Inner Circle Marketing Coaching Programme, we tasked our members with building a house out of Lego.We had some weird and wonderful designs, as you’ll see in the picture, whilst they got their ‘creative’ on.Whilst house-like and certainly built with enthusiasm, each house of course had flaws… if you were to compare them to the attributes that a house would have!

And it’s much like that with your Marketing.
You can get on and just “DO IT” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to WORK as you want it to, with the very best results.It needs fitting together in a certain way, with a certain process and formula – and that way often takes patience, preparation, accuracy, learning and support. Just like Lego building.

Are you willing to get that structure in place for your ideal end result?

I’ll take marketing over Lego, everyday!

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