[Friday Thought] Diminished focus…. What’s the real impact?

What Fedex reminded me with their lack of focus on the road.

Yesterday, I followed a Fedex Van.

I’ve heard bad things about Fedex… this video for an example, of which there are many!

But on this occasion, this Fedex Van wasn’t throwing packages around, but was weaving all over the road, heading towards the pavement, then swerving back again.

When I pulled up next to him, it was no surprise that he was on his mobile phone…

Tutt Tutt!!

By not having 100% of his focus on the road, his driving abilities were diminished.

And of course, this happens in business too.

When we don’t focus on the vital few activities and strategies that lead us to our desired goals, over the trivial many that serve little purpose, this has repercussions on what we are able to achieve

As a general rule of thumb, here’s the impact of the lack of focused implementation and activity:

  1. IMMEDIATELY: there is an impact on productivity, and our movement towards our desired goals diminishes.
  2. WITHIN 2 TO THREE MONTHS: not only does it impact productivity, but also income and business targets.
  3. WITHIN 6 MONTHS: our purpose diminishes, which starts to have an impact on money, time, health, direction, customers and brand.

If you were to REALLY question your activity and effort…. how much of it is taking you towards your desired destination; and how much of it is a distraction that you need to say NO to?

Of course, if you’re not sure of your desired destination, then that’s the first thing to figure out!

Victoria ????

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