Expectation Versus Reality: 7-Step Model to Delighting Your Customers

In this article, I’ll explain my utter disappointment with my new car, in a series of disappointing events; and give you a 7-Step Model that you can download immediately and complete, to ensure that you can create a customer journey that delights your customers, that you’ll be able to take immediate action from to make it happen.

Last Friday, my new car arrived on my driveway. Nothing flash. A Kia Sportage. A good family car. I’ve leased it.

But nevertheless, I have ordered a new car which still required a sizeable upfront payment, followed by the monthly leasing costs.

It has taken months to be delivered and having been told early October, it has only just joined the family. 

Disappointment Numero Uno. They didn’t deliver on their promise.

When it arrived in my driveway, my first angry thought was “IT’S FILTHY!”.

Disappointment 2. It’s not shiny and new as I would expect a NEW car to be.

It completely wiped away any good feeling I had about receiving a new car. This wasn’t helped by the following:

Disappointment 3: 

It transpired that it had been driven down from Liverpool that morning, so already had 275 miles on the clock.

Disappointment 4: 

I was asked to go and check for scratches – but couldn’t really do a proper check because of the dirt from it’s morning drive down South. And why should I have to check for scratches on a new car anyway?

Disappointment 5: 

It had a small chip on the windscreen.

Disappointment 6: The driver had no way of getting himself to the train station for his return to Liverpool so I had to give him a lift.

Disappointment 7: 

He filled the new car with the smell of cigar smoke as it lingered on his clothes.

Do you think this is acceptable? What would you do in this scenario?

Here’s my conclusion when relating this to Small Businesses:

Great businesses are built on a solid reputation, and ensuring they are known, loved, trusted and recommended. And that their customers would buy from them again. And again. And again.

If a business fails to understand the customer’s needs, they will end up delivering a substandard product or service, and will gain none of the above, which at the end of the day, results in a loss of business and profit.

So this view of disappointments needs turning on it’s head:

So here’s your 7-Step Model to Delighting Your Customers

Click here to get immediate access to a 7-Step Model Worksheet I’ve put together for you, so you can consider exactly how to ensure you become one of those businesses that are known, loved, trusted and recommended.

It’s not a nice to have. It’s a must have…. if you want to grow your brand in a positive fashion, by pleasing your customers and ensuring they buy again, and recommend you too.

That’s what will help a business to be known, loved, trusted and recommended.

Victoria ????

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