Customers Don’t Always Buy On Price

I went to See Miss Saigon at the theatre. I’ve seen it before and I love it.

The tickets were a present from Mr V for Christmas, and when he gave them to me, he said “I got us tickets up the in the Circle. Is that OK?”

I looked at him really ungratefully – because Mr V knows that I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”, and for me it’s all about the Stalls – and as close and as central as you can get. It’s where I personally get the best experience from; albeit the ticket price can be way over double of the less expensive seats.

He was, of course, joking, and he had managed to get us tickets in row N of the Stalls. We had a great view and I thoroughly enjoyed it… weeping quietly to “I Still Believe”, and trying to contain my sobs at the bit at the end when… (I won’t finish that sentence in case you are planning on seeing it!).

So here’s the thing.

Customers don’t always buy on price.

The better experience, the more generally, they will be prepared to pay.

Here’s a key question to ask yourself: do you convey how amazing you are, and the experience you are able to provide – to show your customers that what you offer is absolutely worth the investment?

First Stop: go and check out your website!

If customers have a great experience the first time, the chances are they will come back, feel the same emotion and pay for that experience again.

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