Be a Hero to get rewarded with new Customers.

If you are a small business that sells to other business then to get Customers to buy from you, you must be able to fix their Pain, the gap in their life, the one that only your product or service can fill……

Regardless of what Industry, location or job title, here is our shortcut to the 5 most common pains that your prospects will feel. Make your product or service the only hero that can answer these:

What is it like for that prospective customer right now, what is the pain their current set up is giving them?

1. Costing them money?

They are spending far more than they should when there is an easy fix that you can offer them.

2. Losing them money?

They are struggling to build their business or keep customers and your product or service could offer a solution to this.

3. Costing them time?

They are not able to deliver all they could in their business without your product or service by their side.

4. Costing them Resource?

They are using up valuable people on the tasks that don’t deliver revenue, just to keep the business going when they could automate that or maybe work with different people in a different way and you can provide that.

5. Creating Risk?

They are placing their business or their people at risk when your product or service could protect them from this.

As you can see there are many ways that you can actually make their lives better. That customer in waiting will have less hassle once they work with you, they will look good as they are able to achieve more with your product or service in place. So do them a favour and make sure you tell them as soon as possible…

Remind them of their problem and why you have the product or service to fix it…

Remind them on email, in social media, face-to-face…

Be the hero that solves their problems.

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