Are You Curious?

Recently, Claire and I have been in London, completing days 2 and 3 (of 7) of the NLP Practitioner’s Certificate; where we are learning the tools, techniques and models to change or enhance the way individuals think, feel and behave, in order to drive improved business results.

We’re excited to complete the training because it will be FANTASTIC to further support you all!

It’s already proving invaluable; and amongst all of the fantastic models we’ve been learning, there’s one word that has had quite an impact. It is this.


This is a word that has been used over and over again within the course, and it sure is having an impact. Here’s how in just one week….

  1. “What if we do things differently and make change?”
    It has elevated our business plans to a whole new level; and we’ve taken some BIG actions in readiness for some great new changes.
  2. “What if I put myself in their little tiny shoes?”
    It has made me think differently about my children’s behaviour, and seeing things from their innocent and in the moment point of view.
  3. “What if I do stick to this diet thing?”
    It has supported my diet goals, and I’ve even made it to the gym this week.
  4. “What if I challenge them harder, and don’t accept their reasoning?”
    It has supported tough and deeper client conversations
  5. “What if I take the emotion out of this situation?”
    It has made me give completely different advice to what I would have otherwise given to a friend in need.

So I’m going to invite you, to use this word too.


  • With your own thoughts and decision-making
  • In conversations with your colleagues, friends and family
  • With advice that you give
  • When assessing order and importance of business actions you take every day, or your business plans.
  • To deepen your learning.

I’m sure you will think of a whole bunch of other ways to be curious!

We’ve been feeling the positive impact. I hope you do too, and I’d love to hear from you and find out how it goes!

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