An Introduction to Clubhouse.

“Clubhouse, a whole lotta fun, prizes to be won.” Anyone else always think of Fun House and Pat Sharp when they think about Clubhouse?

Well, let’s talk about this crazy new platform that has taken the social media world by storm, shall we?

Let me start by saying as I type, I’m a big fan. But it’s early days, so I can’t wait to continue the journey and see where it takes us.

I will say this first, before you continue reading. As I write this, Clubhouse is only for those with iPhones right now, so if you are on android, then you can’t use it yet. Soz.

In this article, I’d like to bring your attention to a few key points on Clubhouse, and I hope it helps you with getting to grips with it.

Here goes:

1. Getting to know Clubhouse
If you are not yet on Clubhouse, or you are new to it, then I recommend that you watch this 17 minute Clubhouse video that will tell you all the basics to get you started. Like, how to get on Clubhouse in the first place (it’s invite only right now), what is a Hallway? How to you find people and things you are interested in? If you watch that, then some of the references in this article will make more sense.

2. What’s Clubhouse all about?
Clubhouse is an Audio platform where there’s literally something for everyone! For me, the whole purpose of being in Clubhouse is about making meaningful connections.

Those connections might be with people that you can learn from, people who can learn from you, and peers that you may wish to collaborate with.

The beauty of this platform is that it gives you the chance to really showcase your expertise, so if you are using it for your business, this is the perfect place. By speaking out and sharing your insights, wisdom and knowledge, you will attract the right people to follow you and get to know you – building up that all important know, like and trust.

3. How to get started in Clubhouse
First of all, work out why you are on the Platform.

  • Is it to grow your business?
  • Is it to learn?
  • Is it for collaboration?

It could be a real mix of those things. When you know, find the relevant people and clubs to follow (don’t forget, check this video out and that will explain how). That will start the process of helping the Clubhouse algorithms work out what you are really about and help to personalise your experience on the platform. The more you engage, the more it will learn about you; and you’ll have no end of great rooms to hang out in.

Start off by dipping your toe in the water by going into smaller rooms; especially if you want to get on stage and get comfortable with talking to the other speakers, with the rest of the room listening in.

If you raise your hand, you can be invited onto the stage to ask questions, or to give your own views.

By doing that, you will start to see your followers increase; and you should also do the same and follow the relevant people yourself. This often will be reciprocated.

4. Your Clubhouse Profile
This is such an important part of Clubhouse. When you are in a room, there will be many people clicking on your profile to see who you are, and what you are about. Especially if you are a speaker. So do make sure that you profile is up to date, and don’t be afraid to “show off” a little. You need to put your best foot forward, and show how super you are (because you are amazing, aren’t you!?).

Visit our All Star profiles @victoriavickery

I have what I believe to be the most important part of my profile complete, which includes… my personal Value Prop (the first few lines), what I am all about, what my interests are and areas of expertise, how to contact me, and some of my free resources.

We’ll be constantly updating our profiles as we learn more about the platform, so whenever you visit, you’ll know it’s in good shape!

5. Keywords are important in Clubhouse.
Do you know your keywords, and what people search for when they are trying to find you or your business? If you don’t, then now is the time to consider them. Imagine your ideal customers are in Clubhouse right now. What might they type to find you?

One of our regular rooms is called “Small Business Marketing Tips”. Now, I know that’s a good keyword for us, and that has proven to be good for getting traction with our content.

6. Clubhouse Room Etiquette
In Clubhouse, when you enter a room, you will have the moderators and those on stage at the top of the screen, then those that the moderators are following in the central area, followed by all of those that are “in attendance” but not on stage talking.

If you would like to get up on stage and ask a question or give some of your thoughts, then you will raise your hand (there’s a button). Depending on the vibe of the room, the moderator may allow you to get up on stage, and if you do, this is important:

1. Make sure you are on mute.
2. Wait until the moderator asks you to talk.
3. When you have finished speaking, the indicate that by stating your name and saying, “I’m done speaking”.

You may notice that some people flash their microphone button. This means they are in agreement or like what is being said by the person talking. So you can do this too!

7. Running Your Own Room in Clubhouse
If you are running and managing a room yourself, make sure you have a fellow moderator there to help you out. It takes the pressure off and also someone to help you get the conversation going.

You just need to click on their profile picture, and you can make them a moderator.

When you start out it is best to schedule your rooms in advance, and include any othermoderators. If you do that, you have got the time to start to build a following so you have people to come to your room, as well as promote it on your other social channels and other marketing activity.

When you moderate, the same applies in section 6, with the room etiquette, and you will need to manage the speakers, ensuring you welcome people to the stage and give them the opportunity to speak.

You may put them back into the audience afterwards if they are done speaking by clicking on their profile and selecting to pop them back in the audience.

It’s advised to reset the room every 10 to 15 minutes so that new people that have entered your room are welcomed. This means stating, “I am now going to reset the room” followed by who you are, the subject of the discussion, and whether people are welcome to raise hands to come on stage and what the vibe of your room is. If your conversation has become stale, it’s also a good time to introduce a new flow of discussion, so have some questions up your sleeve to up-level the discussion.

8. Your Profile Picture on Clubhouse
It’s best to have a picture that stands out, and has a coloured background, so that you can be noticed easily. Get a nice picture of you, and pop it into You can them remove the background of your picture, and add a colour. Perhaps one that is relevant to your brand.

That way you can also state on stage, “I’m (name) with the (colour) background” to make you easy to find for people that are listening.

9. The conversation continues outside of Clubhouse
This is really important to note. There is no messaging facility in Clubhouse. To continue a relationship with individuals, this is all done outside of Clubhouse on Instagram or Twitter, and the reason why you must have your profiles linked up to those accounts.

It’s the “done thing” for people to click on your profile, and hit your Instagram link, in order to send you a DM or find out more about you.

If you don’t yet have a profile on Instagram or Twitter, then that’s something to address immediately, as you’ll be missing out.

Don’t be afraid to look at other people’s Instagram accounts and send them a thank you message (yep, slide into their DMs) for their expertise if you found it helped you. That’s the start of building relationships.

10. Clubhouse is Addictive
Clubhouse can waste an enormous amount of time if you don’t go into it CONSCIOUSLY.  That means:

  • Knowing why you are there and what you want to achieve
  • How much time you are willing to spend there
  • Ensuring you are not neglecting other forms of marketing/work!
  • Ring-fence the time as part of your business strategy

If you use Clubhouse all day long, in and out, in and out, in and out, you will be so distracted from your everyday tasks, and that in itself will be so detrimental to your business. So just be PURPOSEFUL in Clubhouse.

In summary of Clubhouse
Just play around with it. Work out the strategies and tactics that work for you!

Follow our team for more expert marketing tips over on Clubhouse, and look out for our Small Business Marketing Tips rooms that we’ll be hosting every week.


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