4 Surefire, Simple Ways to get Social Proof.

Surely only a total madman would book a hotel without checking the reviews on trip advisor or spend £50,000 on a home extension without checking the builder out on check-a-trade?

It is just what people do now.

Before someone buys they gather evidence, clues, check out the suspects like they are Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes.

They want proof. Social Proof to be precise. Affirmation that others rate you, love you, would recommend you.

Do you make it easy for your prospects to find the proof you’re the right choice?

When a potential customer has no experience of you they will look to see what others say before they buy, and they will be swayed by it.

Customers are 70% more likely to buy from you if they read good reviews first.

So let those prospects find the evidence they are looking for. Throw the ball of fear and doubt about making the right choice far far away.

Here are 4 Surefire, Simple Ways to get Social Proof….

  1. Get Customer Testimonials on your Social Profiles & on your Website.

Ask your existing customers to say what they love about you. To say why you do a great job for them. What is different about you. Why they would recommend you. Then wrap it into a quote and put it up front on your website for all to see.

  1. Create Case Studies and share them with your prospects.

Turn a customer you have worked with and what you did for them into a short story. This short story will name who the customer is, what their brief was and what you did for them. How it made their life easier or their business more successful. If you can use pictures to show before and after even better, or even share a video of you working with the customer and their view of your success.

  1. Show how many Customers you have already served.

If you can show in numbers how many customers you have worked for, how many kitchens you have fitted, how many dogs you have walked, how many boats you have designed, how many small businesses you have worked with, do. Put a number too it. If you can show some of the logos of the businesses you have worked with.

  1. Use trade body accreditations and reviews to show your worth.

If you have invested in getting accredited by trade bodies make that visible to your customers. Even better if you have reviews on your own LinkedIn or Facebook pages or on Industry review sites like Check-a-trade make sure you direct your customers there.

This proof can be the difference between someone buying from you or not.

So make your social proof visible, it can be quotes, logos, videos, pictures, downloads on your website and you can even use it on the bottom of your emails. Take 30 Marketing minutes and do this today!

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