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Are you a “Hincher”?

Posted 20 Nov, 2018 No comments

Have you heard about Mrs Hinch, and the latest cleaning frenzies she is responsible for?!

If you’ve not heard of her, she is the latest Instagram sensation with over 1.3 million followers, for the immaculate show-like home in Essex, her crazy cleaning regimes and plentiful cleaning potions and sundries!

She calls her followers her “Hinch Army” or “Hinchers”, and they collectively use terminology like “Hinching” their home as a word for ‘cleaning’.

She calls her cleaning cupboard “Narnia”, and her cleaning materials also have names, like “Minkeh” the cleaning pad, and “Dave the Duster”.

She is the cleaning guru that many people are in awe of (despite some bad press for not using environmentally friendly products).

How do I know this?

Well, first of all, my cousin Sam is an avid follower, who also has a hinch-worthy home in Essex; and in addition, in a conversation with our Jade this week, she confessed that if she needs to do some cleaning, she checks out Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page first of all to get some inspiration and motivation.


And guess what, the “Minkeh” (real name M Cloth by Minky) is out of stock in pretty much every retailer due to the craze that Mrs Hinch has created… which Jade admits, makes her want one even more. You’ll see from the Instagram snaps below that Hinchers are over the moon when they come into stock!

What does this show us, that we can use in our own business when it comes to connecting with our customers and prospective customers?

  1. Knowing your audience is critical, so that you can deliver relevant content.
  2. Providing content that enhances their life some way, gives value, or creates enjoyment or fun for your ideal customer is so important. It’s how they begin to know you, like you, trust you.
  3. Consistency of fantastic content that is relevant to your audience helps you to grow a powerful tribe of highly engaged prospects and customers, which in turn can support the growth of your business.

You can check out Mrs Hinch here, and it’ll be of no surprise that she is now capitalising on her astronomical Instagram presence!

Are you a Hincher? Do you have a Minkeh?

Have a great weekend!

Victoria 🙂

Check out the Minkeh craze here!

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