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Why is Your Marketing Not Working?

Posted 17 Oct, 2016 No comments
Why is my marketing not working
In this article we discuss the number 1 reason that business fail at marketing, and the knock on impact on business failure. This ends with a fantastic ACTIONS list so you don’t fall into this nasty failure trap; as well as a FREE guide covering our definitive list of the 14 Reasons Your Marketing is Not Getting...

You think you’re getting one thing… and then….

Posted 17 Oct, 2016 No comments
We held a Branding Masterclass at the fabulous Fareham Innovation Centre. It was quite a day…. Often we can think of branding as a need for just big businesses; but it’s even more important for us smaller ones. It ultimately creates RECOGNITION and TRUST. One of the fundamentals (but only a small part of br...

Make Your Small Business Memorable

Posted 26 Sep, 2016 No comments
At the weekend, whilst I was ironing school uniforms for my twin four year olds (as you do!), the two of them were dancing around to some music (as they do!). It was a Justin Fletcher album (or Mr Tumble for those of us that don’t know any better). And they love it. Why? Well, […]