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How much should you spend on your Marketing?

Posted 27 Jan, 2017 No comments
This is a real challenge for Small Business Owners. You know that Marketing is vital to bring in new customers but you’re not rich (not yet anyway!) and you may even feel overwhelmed by all the ‘Marketing’ options. We get asked this all the time: ‘How much should I pay for my website?’ ‘How much […]

Are you too confusing for your customers? (Food for thought)

Posted 23 Jan, 2017 No comments
Here’s a little story which perhaps will explain what customers may perhaps feel if you don’t clearly explain what you’re about, give clear and obvious options, and show them how to do business with you. So. Rebecca and I recently went up to a business conference in London. At lunchtime, we had to decide what restauran...

Formulas = Happiness (never thought I’d say that!)

Posted 03 Jan, 2017 No comments
Systems get results. This article shows a personal example of this. Ladies you’ll love it. Chaps? Do read if only for this: you will discover a win:win solution for spending less time traipsing around town centres with the woman in your life! Yippeeeeeee! So here we go…. I hugely dislike shopping in the sales. My littl...

Celebrating Success at All Star Marketing Club

Posted 19 Dec, 2016 No comments
In every Workshop, Masterclass or One-to-One we run, we always ask our clients what their ‘ah-haa’ moments are. You know, the moments where the blinkers come off, the light bulb goes on… and you finally just ‘get it’! For us at All Star Marketing Club, this tells us we have fulfilled our mission of ma...

9 School Boy Errors That Undermine Your LinkedIn Success

Posted 09 Nov, 2016 No comments
**For Small Business Owners – Complete With LinkedIn Profile Checklist** LinkedIn is the most up to date database of its kind in the world. We all have a vested interest in keeping our profile up to date and looking great! However, there are some school boy/girl errors that we need to overcome to ensure we [...